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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  March 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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alleged 12-year assaults. . >> he was relieved that it was over. >> scores of billboards from richmond to times square, and he was arrested. he said he saw the billboards of his image and knew it was just a matter of time. >> he was taking precautions to avoid police contact. >> thomas had taking credit for the first rape of a woman in maryland in 1977. he had already been on a short list of suspects produced by a law-enforcement database. they reportedly matched dna evidence in all 12 rates. it is believed more cases will be connected and more victims will come forward. the >> they will be brave now to come and say he abused them. >> in cases like these teens who
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were attacked in dale city on halloween and year-ago, it is the best news -- a year ago, it is the best news possible. >> he will not be able to do that to anyone else. >> investigators are working on the sixth -- these existing cases. they do strongly believe there will be other victims. they have a website that out. the we have a link to read on the web page of reporting live in manassass, gail pennybacker. we have some breaking news coming in where police say a man flashed a weapon what have you learned? >> this incident took place at the bottom of ray leonard wrote.
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the man who was shot by police remains in hospital in critical condition. news choppers 7 hovered overhead moments after it all went down. a man armed with a handgun either walked in people's yards or knock on doors. investigators tell us that the man brandished a gun at several people, including a teenager. >> threatening a kid with a gun, that is wrong. if you want to go out and kill yourself, go out and kill yourself. but the other people alone. >> dorthy had pulled up just moments before he pulled the gun. >> investigators say the man brandished his gun at the first officers on the scene and four of them took aim and fired. >> he was just up and down the street with a gun. >> we see some detectives coming up the street. ray leonard wrote.
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again, a very active crime scene. none of the people who called 911 say they recognize the man who was brandishing the handgun. also, they do not know whether he lived in this particular neighborhood. the investigation continues. at last report the man was still in critical condition. a d.c. police officer is in trouble with the law. he is accused of breaking into a home over the weekend. brean burglarized a home on colorado northwest and that she was leaving, officers moved in and arrested her. she has been placed on administrative leave with pay until the investigation is complete. a teenager just home from college died in an accident is
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began. for unknown reasons, she crossed the -- this weekend. for unknown reasons, she crossed the center line. >> this is ridge road, just about 100 yards behind me is where the collision took place. this is a tragedy for a family, but also an entire community. just last spring she graduated from damascus high school, where she was very well known and very popular. >> kristin was just a freshman at university. this photo was taken on college moving day. early this morning she lost control of her small carper on ridge road -- personal car on ridge road and loss control. >> this young man says he counted her among his best friends. >> she was always really proud of me when i told her what grades i got.
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>> it was just before 5:00 a.m. when she was on her way home and her car crossed over the south emling and hit and as u.v. had gone. the driver -- the southbound lane and hit an suv head on. the driver of that vehicle suffered non-life threatening injuries. >> investigators are unable to confirm other details. >> she was an honor student and her principal said she was a wonderful young woman. she will be missed. >> she was just a really genuine person. she got along with everyone really well. >> we had that surprise snow at the tail end of the heavy rain this morning. when i drove through just a few hours after the accident, it was just about here that i started seeing an accumulation of snow.
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there was about a sheet of ice in certain segments of this roadway. >> thanks, brad. some heavy rains caused flooding around the area today. news choppers 7 was over the scene of old church road. a van was swept away. officials could not find the driver. they do believe it was abandoned. the rove will remain closed until the water recedes. -- the road it will remain closed until the water recedes. at the site late wednesday, thursday, potentially more significant rain. but until then, dry. carry up in weather ca middletown. even though it was only in the is gone's today, it
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this afternoon. frost byrd picked up two and a half inches. a half inch of snow in martinsburg and only a trace in frederick. here is the snow from the early morning satellite image. at this hour, most of that is gone. partly cloudy, 24-32 tonight. there could be another significant rain event coming up in a few days. we are learning some new details in the investigation of the missing pregnant woman from loudoun county. shares surged the centreville home of -- searched the centreville home of her boyfriend last week. he is cooperating. she is also married to an army private serving in afghanistan. detectives have questioned him as well. she went missing in january. she is five months pregnant. was olamon brown
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being paid off to help secure the mayor's position? >> suleman was the mayoral candidate that used to tell his supporters to support been some great. now he is tthis fired from a job in d.c. and he says he was paid off for his support during encounters at union station. >> right there, several times. >>. the ad union station he is saying that he -- pointing had to union station he is saying that he was paid off several times there. remembering the first time, brown said -- >> how much money was in it? >> i think it was about $750.
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>> for the public watching all of this play out, -- >> this is not a positive situation. >> i am reserving judgment and hoping for great. >> we do not believe it. >> no. >> there were dozens of calls between his people and brown. one about getting a job has great texting, we did not renege on any commitments to you. >> i think the mayor should resign and i will keep pushing this until he does. >> you are confident you are going to get through? >> i called for this investigation. >> the mayor denies any extensive involvement with brown.
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>> there were a total of five candidates and we ask them what they thought about this. edward johnson said he did not think there was a link between gray and brown. he thinks that brown is just angry. another candidate said it was clear that gray and brown warplane, as he puts it, -- were playing, as he puts it, " footsy." gas now stands at $3.50 per gallon. pressure on lot of the white house and today, white house officials came out and said the decision to tap into oil reserves is based on more than just these high gas prices.
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>> mary drives a cab in the d.c. area. >> i spend about 20% on everything i make -- of everything i make on gas. >> for regular gas has grown -- has risen to $3.66 per gallon. it is up 33 cents in two weeks. it is the second biggest price increase on record. drivers are worried about what will happen next with prices hovering around a $4 mark. >> when this goes up it will really hurt. >> the prices are spiking along with the middle east uprising. so far, no shortages. just concerns. the white house says it is considering tapping into the u.s. oil reserves. one analyst says there is pressure for the president to lower prices. but you can't say i did something and you are better off.
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what elected -- >> you can say i did something and you're better off. what elected official will not want to say that? >> now when i see a homer, i just laughed. -- a hummer, i just laugh. >> live from arlington, natasha berken abc7 news. coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 p.m., the deaths of two high school athletes have some people calling for strict medical tests for athletes. bathroom bad it's busted after police say they were targeting women in -- bathroom bandits busted after police said they were targeting women in a restaurant out terms. and the lindsay lohan necklace trauma is sold and this
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could cause the prosecution its case.
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>> mayor filan breaking news coming in from peru this evening as a murder suspect says he is
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going -- as a murder suspect joran van der sloot says he's going to plead guilty. he remains the prime suspect in the disappearance of another woman, an american teenager natalie holloway in 2005. he has not admitted to any involvement in her disappearance. >> a firefighter is accused of drinking and then taking a fire truck out for a joy ride. >> 27-year-old sean scott -- john swanson is scheduled to be arraigned today on driving under the influence. this story could easily have ended in tragedy. a big story is unfolding in a tiny virginia town. loudoun county sheriff's
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investigators busted at fire firefighters for taking a fire truck out cruising. one firefighter, hamilton, took the keys not -- without asking and was drunk. the sheriff's department said early saturday morning, 27-year- old sean swanson had nearly a head-on crash with a policeman. he had four others with him, one a police officer and another a 19-year-old female firefighter. >> it sounds like a dumb thing to do. some people make mistakes. >> mistakes that could have killed a deputy. >> this arbys they could have been a much more tragic story. >> -- this obviously could have been a much more tragic story. >> i am very disappointed.
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i think a drunk driving is crazy. >> his myspace paste -- myspace page says he drinks and it is backed up repeatedly with his posts. >> no one was hurt and nothing was damaged. the volunteer firefighters from hamilton resigned while two others have been suspended, along with the police officer. more charges could be filed. >> a government report is shedding new light on what caused a deadly dach botox -- accident last summer. two hungarians were killed and 30 others crashed into the water -- fell into the water. the duck boat was disabled at the time of the crash. >> parts of the northeast and midwest are dealing with major
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flooding. more than 3.5 inches of rain fell in some places in indiana. dozens of people had to be saved, including a three-month old baby, from rising flood waters. i heard someone say they got 30 inches up that far. >> i have not heard numbers that big. that would be crazy. without a hurricane it would be hard to imagine that kind of rain. it has been excessive. it was just some spots north and west of town. the problem tonight is that even though things are trying a little bit up there, more potentially significant rain is back in the forecast for wednesday and thursday. this is a picture perfect guy out there. nothing more than a few high,
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thin clouds. the winds will, in fact, subside. the 48 right now in silver spring after a high of 50. 46 degrees in an in dail. and winchester, high of 47 with winds from the west at about five. the average temperature is about 53. we are a bit below that. the 45 indicators big -- in gaithersburg. loh 20's overnight. about 32 in downtown washington. mid 20's further west in hagerstown. temperatures around the region are comfortable, but the colder air is not that far to the north. 40 degrees in pittsburgh. but milder temperatures starting down into the western airliners
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-- western carolinas. wednesday will be mild. thursday will be mild. the next batch of rain will be the problem coming our way. some high clouds of to the west will deal with late tonight. already starting to see these first little suggestions of something else developing out west. the cold front is going to move slowly from the west to east. it takes awhile to get out of here because it is a slow- moving. as we head through wednesday, the clouds and the areas of rain, noticed this is pushed along by the cold front. we will keep a close eye on that as we see just how much moisture is pushed ahead of the front. sunshine and breezy weather by friday.
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38 in the city, 29 in the city in the morning. midday temperatures eventually climb to about 54 degrees. clouds and showers developing on wednesday. clearing skies friday and saturday. saturday night before we go to bed we spring forward one hour. if i do my job right, by friday at this time you will be so sick of me talking about it. that is my goal. >> [laughter] coming out, johnny depp as a gun-toting lizard = box office success. arsht campbell is here with oliver movie news. -- with all of your movie news. and after two high-profile
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sports datz, the debate is all
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>> the recent deaths of work -- of two popular high school athlete is renewing the debate over whether teens should be screen for heart problems. >> should they get ekg's before they get on the field? that is the question. it looks like it is not an easy
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answer. >> it is not an easy answer. you're talking about young lives and cost effectiveness. it is a debate that's parks strong feeling. we talk to local parents and then we spoke -- we spoke with dr. mark turco who is with the american heart association. >> 17-year-old matthew and collapsed on the rugby field this began. he died of cardiac arrest. -- this weekend. he died of cardiac arrest. just a few days before, this 16- year-old scored the winning shot and then collapsed on the joint -- the gymnasium floor. again, sudden death from cardiac arrest. >> that could be my child. you think they're fine one day and then they just collapse. >> i could see that same thing happening years from now and your world is shattered. >> she said goodbye and i love
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you and he said i love you too. >> she died of a heart attack on the soccer field. some advocates want all coaches to be trained in cpr and others want all athletes to have an ekg. >> why not just make a part of it? >> the american heart association estimates there are 5 million high school athletes. on average, 40 suffer sudden death due to cardiac arrest per year. screening for all of teenage athletes and followed could cost the health-care system about $2 billion. >> we need to strike a balance between what we should screen for and what is realistic and what we could provide. >> as far as mass ekg screening, the american heart association advocates a 12-step screening process, which focuses on the child's personal history, family history.
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the two cases of sudden cardiac arrest, it usually involves family genetics. you have to know your family heart history. > coming up, it is no secret that americans are tired, but a new study shows what is making as tired. >> and watch your purse, what some rest stop thieves were able to take from unsuspecting travelers.
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00 p.m., on your side. maryland state police are sending out a warning to interstate 35 travelers after two incidents address stops. >> the targets were mostly women. >> bathroom bandits busted and behind bars. these two women are hot -- are facing a host of felonies for allegedly targeting older women, one reportedly in her 90's, as they use the restroom at these rest stops north of baltimore pipi. >> people taking advantage of them, that is not right.
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>> it is not cool. >> police say espada would be looking for out-of-state plates. then two women outside the bathrooms when the women came in, they would guide them into a stall and then create a distraction and then the other would grab their purse. >> that is wrong. >> we have three victims identified. we believe there could be dozens more victims out there. >> maryland state police alleged the suspects were quickly used the stolen credit cards to buy gift cards and then go on shopping sprees, buying televisions, laptops and then even this television. the 42-year-old is currently in jail on other charges and the 21 year old is -- and its 21-year- old, they believe they were the spotters.
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new jersey police are already pursuing charges against some of the suspects. and police are encouraging women to secure their purses before they enter public bathrooms. >> montgomery county will soon be following in the footsteps of charging for grocery bags at their cores restore. -- at the the grocery store. >> officials here say this has worked so well in the district, why not do it here, too? >> nothing is more harmful to our streams and to the chesapeake bay and plastic bags. >> montgomery county officials say littered waterways like this are the reason they want to discourage shoppers from using plastic bags. >> it will end up in their digestive systems. >> shoppers would be required to
5:34 pm
pay 5 cents for every paper or plastic bag. >> it does take a fair amount of political courage any time to impose something that is called a tax. >> i think it is terrible at a time when people cannot afford to buy groceries. gas has been going up. it is not the time to be raising anything. >> i would rather not pay 5 cents, because that would just make me want to bring my stuff out in the grocery cart. >> officials expect the tax to raise about $1.5 million per year to pay for storm water management, watershed restoration, and litter cleanup. >> i do not want to -- i do not mind paying 5 cents, especially for the environment. >> i think it's a good idea. >> you are not opposed? >> no, i'm not. >> to get people in the habit, they are giving away these recycled bags.
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if this bill goes through, it will go into effect in january. to newss turn now around the region. dozens of nurses from the area's biggest hospital are still protesting. this time they're being -- they are asking to be allowed back on the job. on friday, they staged what they thought would be a one-day strike over stalled contract negotiations. however, the cost -- the hospital is keeping the temporary nurses because they are required to pay them for 60 hours of work. >> australia is making a major donation to help build a visitors center near the vietnam veterans memorial. julia dillard made that announcement today. -- julia dillard made that announcement today. 60,000 troops were in the conflict and more than 500 died.
5:36 pm
the first day of tolls is costing the new roads some drivers. 2100 vehicles travelled the itc during rush hour. that figure is down from 5500 when the road was free. drivers will pay between 60 cents and $1.45 depending on the time of day they are traveling. drivers without an easy task will get a bill in the mail. starting april 6, that bill will include a $3 service charge. let's get the latest on traffic conditions. >> as you can see, things are pretty normal here in connecticut. in randolph, no problems. this is the scene around the region. that is the aspen hill well -- aspen hill area. obviously in white flint, not seeing a lot of problems. on the beltway, no problems here.
5:37 pm
this is the outer loop near university boulevard. moving into montgomery county, a little bit slow on the right side of the screen here. old georgetown road, nothing at all. if you are traveling in springfield, no delays. 95 southbound is actually pretty good. 395 southdown had a crash, a motorcycle. but that looks like they have gotten that out of the way. coming up, not getting enough sleep? why you cannot blame it on technology. -- can now blame host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: what, do you live under a rock?
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>> turning out to be a big week for johnny depp's new movie, and you never actually even see him on camera, right? >> arch campbell joins us with why the new movie "rango" is such a hit. >> johnny depp plays an animated blizzard. it wins the box office and i think, kicks off a whole new franchise. >> tried not to look
5:41 pm
conspicuous. >> imagine johnny depp as a lizard, a pet lizard accidentally dumped in the desert at a town called dirt where the bad guys control the water. >> what was that for? >> strangers don't last long here. >> "rango" lampoons westerns and has a likable p.g. braided character who has more stories to come. annon son, the price tuesday on dvd. it stars harrison ford and diane keaton with rachel mcadams as the producer that makes them click. and "data los angeles" pits the marines against space invaders. others include the adjustment
5:42 pm
bureau and beasley. >> also opening this weekend, "red riding hood" featuring a big bad wolf. >> these animated movies are great because they are p.g. rated and families can go to them and they work on more than one level. they make it much less painful for a parent to sit through a movie like that. up next from a key -- up next, a pea -- a key piece of evidence in the land the lohan case. it was sold to the highest bidder. >> and you have shelled out a lot of
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>> at least one study says by the end of this year one in two americans is in a using a smart phone, and as you know, they are expensive and if you are not careful they can break on you. >> we have a look at what can make toward tech toys failed and how to protect them.
5:46 pm
>> you just know this is not going to end well. and iphone in the pool is likely a death sentence. bashing your blackberry, that can break the screen. that is why this iphone is now wearing a bumper. >> i had the iphone and i did not have a case. it cracked and i had to buy a new one. coveredcia's phones are in protective covers, but she also bought a warranty against accidents. this man works for the company that offers warranties for phones and computers. a full third of iphones died in
5:47 pm
the first year. >> the iphone 4 has the highest likelihood of being damaged, but the lowest likelihood of malfunctioning. the number-one reason for the ipad to fail if they get dropped, they get knocked off the table and the screen shatters. >> protecting your tech is big business. screen guards and bumpers film records -- fill the racks at the stores. but a third-party warranty probably will pay off. otherwise, you'll have to pay out big to buy a new one. >> the warranty folks say business people with company issued devices and students tend to be the hardest on their toys, often because they did not by the device. >> funny how that makes a difference. the venice beach in jewelry store where lindsay lohan
5:48 pm
allegedly stole a necklace is trying to cash in on a crime by selling a key piece of evidence. the stores sold the of surveillance video to entertainment tonight and other celebrity shows. they sold it for a reported $35,000. it is a $2,500 necklace. just two weeks ago, both sides of the trial agreed to keep the tape private. now prosecutors are worried that it could negatively affect their case. the actors insist that the necklace was borrowed. -- the actress insists that the nichols was borrowed. >> this morning, president obama and australia's prime minister julia gillard pape visit to a classroom. -- paid a visit to the classroom. >> how many presidents can you remember?
5:49 pm
>> that is lincoln. [laughter] and that is washington. >> there have been a number of reforms in recent years to help students get to college. i paid a visit today to thomas edison high school in alexandria to continue our drive to stay alive program. we talked about distracted driving and spent a lot of time talking about texting and driving and why you should not do it. we had a lot of fun with kathleen on stage. abc7 has been to scores of local high schools now promoting safe driving. and tonight on abc7 prime- time, the women tell all as they confront the bachelor who sent
5:50 pm
them home and each other. take a look. >> i felt like you put you first. >> hold on. >> that is a really obvious statement. there are definitely some options. there were options and what you say are two different things. >> guys, really? >> really. the bachelor, "the women tell all" is on at 7:00 p.m. today was great. >> lots of sunshine. >> sunshine and the winds helped to drive out some of the wet ground out there. 3.45 inches of rain at centreville. over an inch in manassass. 2.5 million bethesda. a lot of rain. the issue is going to be
5:51 pm
wednesday and thursday when more rain is to come. 30's 50 range of temperatures overnight tonight. 29 degrees by sunrise. it will be four or five degrees cooler in suburban areas. the next system is already starting to take shape out in the middle of the country. in missouri and candy, this is taking shape. -- and kansas, this is taking shape. in our area we have a 40% chance of rain on wednesday and thursday. clearing skies friday. turn your clocks ahead one hour as we bring forward with daylight savings time. -- spring forward with daylight savings time. it is a rarity when this
5:52 pm
town talks about being no. 1 in professional sports. the washington capitals are giving us hope. they claimed first place in the division sunday night and it will be a battle to keep it as they take on the tampa bay lightning in florida. the washington barely has an edge on tampa in the standings and so far, it is 3, 1, and one against the lightning. it has been closed. the last seven wins have been determined by one goal. and the coach said today, well, they don't like this. be ready for the fights -- some fights and smack talk. pundits waiting on sunday's loss to the chicago bulls and -- and players crying in the locker room. the heat can't come up in the
5:53 pm
clutch again and a drop all nine games they have played this season in the nba. the -- we know there is no crying in baseball, but what about basketball? >> i will say one thing, the guys care. nobody was whispering in the locker room. -- whimpering in the locker room. >> there were no tears? >> guys had their heads down. there was a lot of noise in there. i think there is searching for sensationalism right now. >> from one drama to another. of course, what would a dave u.b. -- a baby without a charlie sheen update? -- what would a day be like without a trilogy that date? it is reported that he and marketing, dallas mavericks owner, are in negotiations.
5:54 pm
markey and has approached shinya about developing programming -- mark cuban has approached charlie sheen about developing programming. >> imagine what that will be like. >> it will be interesting coming up next, need more sleep? what you should be doing to give you
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>> if you are having trouble sleeping at night, you might be able to blame your activities right before you go to bed. >> there is a new report out that shows that while americans are not getting enough sleep during the week, using a electronics right before bed does not help. >> this man admits he does not getting enough sleep. >> usually four or five hours per day. >> the biggest culprit, he blames the cell phone.
5:58 pm
>> right before bed and even in the middle of the night i check it. >> he is a large company. >> probably six hours. that is optimistic, i guess. >> that last-minute text message were just wanting to get on the computer and play some games. >> 43% of americans between 13 and 64 years old rarely or never get a good night's sleep during the week. and 95% report using electronics like the television, computer or telephone an hour before bed. >> they all have screens with lights and lights can be thought of as a drug that promotes wakefulness. >> from baby boomers to age 13, those in their teenage years
5:59 pm
before reporting been the sleepy's. >> there is no way they can get to sleep on time to get the sleep they need. >> many of the people surveyed report that not getting enough sleep also affects their moods, their efficiency at work and driving habits. they are taking caffeine and taking naps to compensate. >> it is impossible to go to bed without watching some television, though. you have to watch tv before going to bed. >> i don't know about that, but it is impossible not to have yourself on nearby. >> i will get back to you on that one. a republican senator under investigation for an ethics violation makes a major announcement about his career plans. a university response to the student outcry about his finances. and we will tell you


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